Big Thrifty OOTD #1: Igigi dress, two ways

I found so many awesome, cheap things at the Big Thrifty. This Igigi dress was one of my favorite finds.

I’ve always admired Igigi’s dresses from afar, but they’re pretty pricey–so it was awesome to get one for $10. And it has pockets!

I had gotten all dressed up for a party (necklace and earrings: So Good, bracelets: Torrid, headband: I Am Joolienn), when I stepped outside, realized how cold it was, and decided to modify the outfit for the weather. Inspired by my Domino Dollhouse leggings, I went full-out ’90s.

I wish I had awesome shoes to wear with the outfit (like the ones that the Domino Dollhouse models are wearing), but my feet have been acting up, and I just needed to be comfortable. If I’d had more time, I might have put on my metallic fake Docs for the pictures, but ah well.

Leggings: Domino Dollhouse, necklace: Kelsea Echo Studio, tiara: Kmart, bangle and earrings: So Good, wristband: Macy’s

The jacket–which is really comfy–was on clearance from Deb a while back. It’s a good spring jacket–warmer than a sweater, but not as heavy as a winter coat. And it’s hot pink, so of course I love it.

6 thoughts on “Big Thrifty OOTD #1: Igigi dress, two ways

  1. Looking fabulous as ever!! Thank you for rockin’ my headband before it got too cold out! heheh Tiara’s are the secret thing I love but don’t ever wear and it made me smile that you had one on! <3<3

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