Friday Links, 5/10/13

Exciting discovery I made recently: sushi comes in pink!

Here are some of the interesting things I’ve read this week. Feel free to share anything good you’ve read–or written–in the comments!

-This is a really interesting idea: organic, vintage-inspired kids’ clothing that fits for three years.
Bridging the gap: straddling between standard and plus sizes.
-I really should learn to knit, because these steampunk knitting projects look awesome.
19 fabulous style tips from senior citizens.
-Tips on fat thrifting.
-This fabulous fat couple has the best style ever!
-Aussie fatshionistas, check out this list of local places to buy imported clothes.

Fat Acceptance
Haley writes about coming to love her stretchmarks.
Yoga: not just for skinny white girls.
Fat queer tells all: on fatness and gender flatness.
-On swimsuit bodies, shame, and nonsense.
-An open letter from Virgie Tovar to Kim Kardashian’s armpit fat.

Carbon dioxide in atmosphere reaches 400 ppm for the first time in human history. Yikes.
Indigenous resistance grows strong in Keystone XL battle.
Thoreau’s radicalism and the fight against the fossil fuel industry.
-I’m proud to be part of the youth climate vote: a new force in electoral politics.
Even in the best case scenario, climate change will kick our asses. Depressing as it is, the book described in this post looks really good, and I want to read it soon.
-Naomi Klein brings up something important: why aren’t environmental groups divesting from fossil fuels?

Everything Else
-You’ve probably seen it already, but if not, Hyperbole and a Half’s new comic about the author’s experience with depression is a must-read.
To the queer black kids.
Female purity is bullshit. Yes, yes, and yes.
-I love this post from Cliff: What I mean when I say I’m sex-positive.
Butch, please: butch with a side of misogyny.
How The Great Gatsby fears the flapper.
-A powerful essay on language, family, and being a person of color in academia: Majoring in English.
Everything you’ve been told about radicalization is wrong.
On Kiera Wilmot, and being a smart black girl.


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