Friday links 5/3/13

A sculpture I saw recently near Kendall Square, Cambridge.

-I love Gabi’s piece on fatshion as a form of radical visibility.
-Next week, Advanced Style will be holding a Celebration of Aging with Hebrew Senior Life in Canton, MA. It’s too far from Boston for me, but if you live on the South Shore, check it out!
Offbeat Bride’s fashion Pinterest board has some amazing style inspiration. A leopard dress with a lime green petticoat, rainbow tutus,  an octopus cardigan, fairy costumes, kilts….so much fabulousness. And a good variety of body types, too.
Fae are radical beauty.

Fat Activism
The basics: what is a fat activist?
Why you’ll never get a new body (and that’s ok).
Is emotional eating really so bad?
-Both Lindy West and Ragen Chastain have great pieces about the new study demonstrating medical bias against fat people.
Screw you, Weight Watchers!
This picture of a fat aerial acrobat makes me so happy.
-Check out Stacy Bias’ fat superhero name generator! Mine is The Fleshy Fury. 😀
PSA: “Obesity” is not the opposite end of a spectrum to anorexia.

I love this spoof of Dove’s bullshityou’re more conventionally beautiful than you think” video (probably NSFW):

Climate Justice and Sustainability
The medium chill, revisited.
From housing to health care, 7 cooperatives that are changing our economy.
Climate change hurts women; the Wall Street Journal sneers.
Ten U.S. cities now on board with fossil fuel divestment!
-This quilt depicting climate change is gorgeous.

Why climate change is not an environmental issue:

Everything Else
An open letter to the Cleveland Dealer re: racist transphobia and Cemia Dove.
-Check out fat activist and all-around awesome writer Hanne Blank’s new project, A Girl’s Gotta Eat.
-Yes yes yes: the care and feeding of your extrovert.
After Boston, this is how we begin again.
Some of us believe: a racial narrative on Catholic feminist hybridity.
Shimmying toward freedom: burlesque as resistance.
Fight for two May Day traditions.
Tell the Bartow police and FL state attorney Jerry Hill to drop the charges against Kiera Wilmot, a teenager who was charged with a felony for a science experiment gone wrong.


4 thoughts on “Friday links 5/3/13

  1. I like the idea of acknowledging “visibility”. If you’re “different” – fat, disabled, older, etc – there is no invisibility for you (for us). I’m all of the above and as long as I’m as healthy as I can be that’s good enough for me. I’m not waiting to be a “better” me. My life is my activism 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia)

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