On fatkinis and exclusion

News of Gabi Gregg’s new swimsuit collection has been making the rounds in the fatshion-sphere. I’m of two minds about it…

On one hand, how amazing is that galaxy print fatkini? I’d wear the shit out of that. It looks like the top might even be decently supportive. And although I’m not a fan of high-waisted anything, the bottoms are designed to be rolled down.

I’ve never worn a fatkini before, and if I had the money to buy one right now, this is one I’d love to start with.

But…the collection, like so many plus size lines, only goes up to a size 24.

It’s so frustrating how common the arbitrary size limit of 24 is for the many of the cutest, trendiest plus size clothes. It leaves so many people out.

In this case, it’s especially frustrating, because the collection starts at a size 10. Women who wear a size 10, 12, 14, sometimes even 16 or 18 can find their sizes in straight sized stores. It seems unfair that they’re being given yet another option, while options in a 24+ are so limited.

Just once, I’d like to see a plus size line that starts at 20 or 22 or 24. I understand that it takes a certain amount of time/effort/money to draft patterns in different sizes, so a new line might not be able to make a large range of sizes–but why start at 10, which isn’t even a plus size? Why not 14-28, 18-32, 22-36?

I’m happy to see fatkinis making news, and I give Gabi credit for doing something creative and cool, but…it just sucks to see women who wear sizes 24+ be excluded yet again. It sucks how often plus size clothing lines are presented as revolutionary when they leave so many people out. It sucks that the same people keep getting left out, over and over again.

8 thoughts on “On fatkinis and exclusion

  1. I agree with you completely!!! I’ve never understood why companies would randomly stop at 24. If going up in a pattern is difficult…SO? That’s they’re business! The should want to serve all the customers!

    I happen to be a 22-24 (sometimes) and it’s really frustrating to find out that the sizing on something is small, so that cute shirt/pants/jacket/etc. I thought would fit is now a non-option.

  2. YES, I agree completely. I like the idea of having a line that is just for the larger end of plus sizes, since as you said having a huge range of sizes may be difficult for some companies, yet smaller fats already have more options. I am an 18-22 and am still able to buy most of my clothes in physical store locations. Larger fats do not have this option, and barring giving them that option by expanding the sizes at mall stores, they really absolutely need to be accommodated online since they have nowhere else to go.

  3. Aw, man! I was so excited to get that fatkini…..this is the first I heard it’s not going up to my size. I know it’s stupid to feel so down about a bathing suit, but I was really excited to be taking the plunge in to two piece and now……blerg.

    • It’s not stupid! The swimsuits are so cute, and it sucks that they don’t come in your size. 😦 The site does carry up to size 34 in its regular swimsuits, so I’m really hoping they’ll expand the sizes for Gabi’s collection soon.

  4. This! All of this! I’m so pissed that yet another cute plus-size range by someone who is IN the fat activism community excludes those of us over a size 24. Swimsuits for all my arse!

    • Ugh, yeah. I heard somewhere that Gabi didn’t have any say in the sizing, but I don’t know if that’s true. And even if it is, the end result still sucks.

      Seriously, if I had any ability to sew and/or business sense (of which I have neither, sadly), I’d totally start 22+ clothing line.

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