OOTD: Pink, purple, and floral

This skirt is one of my favorites. It’s reversible, purple on the other side. I also have it in turquoise/navy (although I don’t really wear the navy side).

I got both skirts on sale at a dance festival a few years ago. They were originally floor-length, but then the pink/purple one had an unfortunate accident when I was getting off the T and someone stepped on it…so I decided to get both skirts hemmed to mid-calf length. It worked out really well–now I wear them so much more often.

Tank top: Girlfriends L.A. back in the day!, peasant shirt underneath: Old Navy, skirt: dance festival, leggings: American Apparel, sneakers: Sugar Shoes via eBay, purse: gift from my grandmother, purple wristband: Torrid, black wristband: Macy’s, purple rose ring: a flea market, silver rose ring: probably Claire’s, fascinator: Enz’s, necklace: a store in Jamaica Plain

These pictures are from a little while ago, hence the snow. I’m still catching up on posting all the outfit pictures I’ve taken in the last few months!

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