Friday Links 4/26/13

Fat Activism
The whole concept of the “beach body” is ridiculous and this is why.
What’s stopping the fatty uprising?
-On back fat and radical self-acceptance.
Dear media: don’t feel bad that I love my body.
-This is a really cool art project: a good use of bad diet books.

A great post about how awesome the Big Thrifty, which is coming up on May 4th in Boston, is. I can’t wait for it! Fellow Bostonians, make sure to check it out–you might even end up with something that used to be mine, as I donated four bags of clothing.
DFTBA, ampersand, and interrobang necklaces: so much fabulous geekery.
-Affatshionista has a roundup of plus size tights, leggings, and jeggings in sizes 4x+.
Plus size secondhand clothing links.
-There are some truly amazing outfits–and hats!–in this post on wedding guest fashion.
Bowties made out of Legos and Scrabble pieces = awesome.

Everything Else
This is what it’s like to be a Muslim in Boston right now.
30 inspiring portraits of the people of Boston.
How my past as a black woman informs my black male feminist perspective today.
Class rage moment: the “simple life.”
Newly released Tim DeChristopher finds a movement transformed by his courage.
-I love Kate Conway’s list of 30 gorgeous individuals that People Magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful Celebrities” list probably missed.
Isn’t my black beautiful too?: Embracing black womanhood that defies ideals of “femininity.”
-The cutest thing I’ve seen all week: a corgi beach party!

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