Some happy news on a shitty day

I’m still cooped up inside as the manhunt continues. Blehh.

But at least I have plenty of ingredients in the apartment, so I just made a Funfetti cake, and I’ve got a macaroni and cheese pie with a bacon lattice top currently in the oven (inspired by this recipe, but using my favorite Moosewood mac n’ cheese recipe and turkey bacon). Mmmm, bacon.

Also, today Domino Dollhouse released part 1 of their Nuclear Seasons collection! I love their description:

For our Nuclear Seasons collection, we were inspired by the 90’s.  Our inspirations came from the the bright colors and shine of Lisa Frank, mixed with the styling of grunge to create a bold line of streetwear.  Mixing velvets, spandex, and mesh, this collection is easy to wear without sacrificing comfort.

Lisa Frank forever. Seriously, Lisa Frank is my childhood.

And grunge is my early teens (ok, grunge and ska, at the same time…what can I say, the mid-late-’90s were a strange time).

I’m especially drooling over the rainbow leggings:

The piece I’m most excited about, however, will be coming in part 2 of the collection. It’s the hot pink velvet babydoll dress, OH MY GOD HOT PINK VELVET DRESS OF MY DREAMS. Seriously, this dress sums up so much about my life. And it’s just so loud and fabulous.

The pink velvet and mesh leggings, also coming in part two, are also exciting:

(Both pictures from DD’s Facebook page.)

I love love love how they styled the pieces–especially the shoes. Oh my God, the shoes. I’ve been eyeing those rainbow winged sneakers ever since I first saw them on Tumblr, and the pink Docs and pink-and-black platform boots are likewise fabulous. I wish I could actually wear such awesome shoes, but I will content myself to enjoy the images and fantasize.

Fantasizing about shoes–even ones that would probably never fit me even if I could afford them–is a lot better than obsessively following the news about the stupid terrorist douchebag who shut down my entire city. Gahhhh stupid fuckhead.

I’m so proud of how well Boston’s handling it all, how brave our police force is. I’m proud as fuck that Dunkin’ Donuts are still open, even in Watertown, despite the lockdown. Nothing can kill Boston’s spirit. We are just that fucking awesome.


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