Friday links 4/19/13

Lavender lemon deliciousness

I have a bunch of Boston-related links, which I’ll be putting in a separate post soon. But for now, here’s your regular dose of all things fat, fatshionable, and fascinating. I hope you’re all holding up ok after this week, which has been…well, the Onion says it best.

-I love this ode to Hot Topic.
-On the bullshit that is straight sized women modeling nearly all plus size clothing.
-Check out the Teen Spirit Library, where you can find scans of entire magazines and catalogs from the ’90s!
12 natural black wedding hairstyles for the offbeat and on-point.
-German fatshionistas, check out this clothing swap!
-Lesley’s spring fatshion guide is both hilarious and full of awesome dresses.

Fat Activism
-Ragen writes about both the good and bad medical experiences her girlfriend had when she injured her knee.
-An important piece on the way “love your body” rhetoric shifts the focus to individuals rather than political change.
-A powerful piece about body positivity for women who live at the intersection of oppressions: Mi abuelita: skin color, pecas, and body size.
-Everyone keeps talking about My Mad Fat Diary–I really should start watching it.
-All I have to say about Dove’s latest foray into faux body positivity is UGGH. Luckilythere are a bunch of people who are more eloquent on the matter than I am.
-I love this piece from Tiffany of the More Cabaret on activism, healthism, and fat athletes.
-Fat brides, check out this call for participants in a research project.

Climate Justice and Sustainability
Martin Luther King and the call to direct action on climate.
Let’s stop hiding behind recycling and be honest about consumption.
These two pieces about climate refugees raise an important issue that we, globally, need to deal with.
-Bill McKibben said as much in Deep Economy five years ago, but it’s still important to point out: None of the world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid for the natural capital they use.

Everything Else
Married couples on what marriage equality means to them.
New Zealand passes marriage equality. While singing. And with one MP wearing an amazing fascinator. Kiwis, you’re the coolest.
Marriage is great, but many LGBT people of color need job safety.
-Cliff answers the question, “How can you be feminist and do BDSM?”
Reflections on  the concept of “passing” as a woman.
-Badass activism: 8-year old follows Tenn. lawmaker until he drops bill linking welfare to school grades.
28 unicorn-approved rainbow DIYs.
-So much cuteness: the 40 best animal cuddlers of all time.


More awesomeness:

And look, even more awesomeness!

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