Friday links, 4/12/13

A sign of spring 🙂

-The Aussie Curves Sydney meetup sounds like so much fun! I wish we had something like it in Boston.
-Melbournians (Melbournites? Melbournistas?), check out the Hey Fatty & Friends Market.
-I love Shannon’s reflections on clothing and identity.
This thread has some good suggestions for finding plus size steampunk clothing.
-I have no particular interest in horse races, but the hats that women wear to them are fantastic.
-More amazing hats: the Milliner’s Guild at the National Arts Club.
-Pure kawaii eye candy: 6%DOKIDOKI Mook exclusive photo shoot.
The outfits and costumes at the New York Easter parade are amazing! Most of the time I’m glad that I don’t live in NYC, but these pictures make me wish I did.

Fat Acceptance
Girl talk: confessions of a thin-privileged fat activist.
A letter to the doctor who told me I’d be dead right now because of my fat.
-On a sadly similar note: My doctors are killing me.
-It always makes me happy when I see a fat dancer on my Tumblr dashboard.
Fat people deserve to eat. So much yes!

Climate Justice and Sustainability
-Bill McKibben has a new piece in Rolling Stone! It’s about the fossil fuel resistance movement, and like everything else he writes, it’s brilliant.
The Oklahoma grandmother who chained herself to Keystone XL heavy machinery is a total badass.
-I love stories like this: Community thrives along a nearly forgotten slice of an urban river.
Keystone XL pipeline risks harm to Houston community: “This is obviously environmental racism.”
-A really interesting conversation between James Hansen and Bill McKibben.

Everything Else
-This traditional Zulu gay wedding is heartwarming.
Navigating masculinity as a black transman: “I will never straighten out my wrist.”
Blacksweet: grappling with skin color in Indonesia.
This piece (as well as this, to which the author links) is a must-read for anyone thinking of getting a PhD in the humanities. I hate, hate, hate how broken our higher education system is.
-This Omaha girl who dresses as a different historical figure or fictional character every day is awesome.
-I really like this list of 21 ways to keep your shit together when you’re depressed. (I would make a minor addendum to #16: If dressing up boosts your spirits, go for it! But if sweatpants really are the best choice for you on any given day, for whatever reason, that’s ok too. You’re fine just how you are, no matter what you’re wearing.)
-On the cost of being an adult, then and now. *sigh*

How cute is this headbanging sea lion?

Science rap = hells yes.

-I like this piece about how not to say the wrong thing to people dealing with crises, and there are all sorts of interesting and thoughtful comments about it over at Captain Awkward’s place.
-This essay from Lesley Kinzel is so beautiful and powerful: Listening to Suzanne Vega: a personal timeline of recovery from abuse.
-Melissa McEwan’s piece on love as the motivating factor of her activism is brilliant. Just brilliant.

When I write a post about, say, the rape culture, cloaked in vibrating anger, it isn’t because I hate the rape culture (although I certainly do); it’s because I really love people, for the most part, and I don’t want anyone, anyone, to be victimized by sexual violence, ever.

Yes, I want to dismantle the rape culture, and if it were a little box placed into my hands, I would throw it to the ground and smash it into a million bits and keep grinding those bits into dust with my fists until I was dragged away. But that is not the thing that motivates me to write about the rape culture, or any other intersecting system of oppression, every day, at no small cost to myself, until I feel sometimes like I’m swimming in a sea of shit that has no shore. What motivates me is love. Love of safety. Love of agency. Love of justice. Love of people.

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