Friday links, 4/5/13

Can you believe it’s April already? I can barely believe that winter’s really ending, but I’m grateful for it.

I hope you’ve all had a good week! Here’s your weekly dose of linky goodness.

Interesting reflections on ads:

-Jay Miranda writes about plus size maternity options.
-Danimezza has a great roundup of plus size workout wear.
Growing up vintage: or, how I learned to stop resenting old clothes and respect the family business.
-This post about wearing stigma is fascinating.
-Marianne demonstrates seven ways to wear stripes without looking like a referee.
-I really wish I could teleport to California, because this Domino Dollhouse sample sale next week sounds amazing.

Fat Acceptance
Fat, trans, and working on being fine with it.
-I love Offbeat Bride’s new cartoon character: a fabulous fatty in a hot pink dress.
-Paul Campos has a great op-ed in the New York Times about our imaginary weight problem.
Myths and stereotypes are ruining my Zumba class.
Teaching fat in an English as Second Language context.
The fat boi diaries: why selfies?
-Ragen has some great postcards that you can use at the doctor’s office. Also check out Hanne Blank’s letter to a doctor, which was linked in the comments.
Reaffirming my right to eat: struggles with disordered eating as a low-income Black woman.

Color names are the best.

Climate Justice and Sustainability
It’s not a fairytale: Seattle to build nation’s first food forest. This sounds amazing–I’m so jealous of Seattleites right now!
Mainstream green is still too white.
Red, Bike, & Green wants to shift the color balance in bicycling.
-The ever-inspiring James Hansen is quitting NASA to become full-time climate activist.
Can you shop your way out of a broken food system?
Labor and environmental leaders move beyond differences to a common vision.
Continuum film tells a new story for a changing planet.
-As Bill McKibben says, “I remain unclear why this story about massive bee die-offs is not dominating the news. Eating is not optional.”
-The Pegasus pipeline, which spilled oil into an Arkansas neighborhood, gives a bad name to pegasi everywhere.

Everything Else 
What kind of African doesn’t speak any African languages: colonization, migration, diaspora, and the mother tongue.
Good body image is not required to be a good feminist. So much yes to this!
-Via Fat Kawaii Babes, I found the blog Class Rage Speaks. The author no longer updates, but the archives are incredible. I recommend reading through them all, but here are a few posts to start with: Nine ways to be a good friend in the face of economic differences, Class rage moment: the driver’s license, Class rage moment: “You should enjoy being young!”, and Perspective and perception: the privilege or problem of living with one’s parents.
How many women experts did you hear today? Not enough!
-Oh man, Spice Girl nostalgia. I loved to hate the Spice Girls back in the day (aka sixth grade), but I get as nostalgic for them as anyone.
Dear Captain Awkward, help me stop being mean!

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