Friday links, 3/17/13

So sparkly!

Leggings aren’t pants–they’re superior.
-All of the outfits at this Roaring ’20s party are amazing!
-I love this bride’s lilac gown, the groom’s purple velvet jacket, and the bridesmaids’ suits! So unique and fabulous.
-I really like the idea of a sweatshirt with a 10-year warrantee, although I wish it came in more sizes and nicer colors.
-Designer Karen Walker selected 12 models aged 65 to 92 for her latest 2013 eyewear collection, shot in collaboration with Ari Seth Cohen (of the blog Advanced Style).
No more apologies: my journey to flabulous fatshionista. Love it!

Fat Acceptance
Don’t tell me your hate isn’t killing us.
-My new role model: the fat dancing Speedo man.
I don’t have to explain my fat to you.
Who’s really surprised that 7-year olds are putting themselves on diets?
Problem areas, Goldilocks, and Bundt cake.
Bloomberg’s soda ban halted by judge.
Eleanor and Park sounds like a really good book, and it has a fat protagonist! I’m going to read it as soon as I can get my hands on it.

This is just fun.

Environmental Justice and Sustainability
“Digging Us a Hole:” Student climate activists descend again on TransCanada in Westborough, protesting Keystone XL. So inspiring. So powerful. I have so much respect for these students, and I’m proud that it’s all happening here in MA.
The case for civil disobedience on climate.
-There will be an interfaith civil disobedience action at the White House on March 21st.
How do you rally when you can’t stand?: elderly people support the climate justice movement from their nursing home.
-An interesting and possibly revolutionary farming technique.
Twelve-year-old Sicily Kolbeck is building an impressive tiny home outfitted with solar panels. So cool!
Pay-as-you-go solar power systems turn lives on in Guatemala.
-I’m jealous of Londonites, who are getting a bicycle highway.

Everything Else
When people write for free, who pays?
-Elodie shares her exciting adventures in hand-dyeing yarn.
Losing access to sisterhood: tomboys, masculinity, and the unmaking of a girl.
Getting to happy, or the myth of happily ever after.
-Sweet Machine answers the question, “Do I have to destroy my health to be in grad school?”
Sugar is not toxic.
-Speaking of sugar, check out this awesome piñata cake.
-These pictures of a very photogenic golden retriever are the cutest thing ever. Seriously, be prepared for constant “awww”-ing.


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