Tell Target, fatties like florals too!

I’m seriously in love with Target’s Prabal Gurung collection, but…it only goes up to a size 16. (Why am I not surprised?)

Dear Target, I want this in size fat!

So I used their contact form to send them the following letter:


I love all the pieces in the Prabal Gurung clothing line. However, as a plus size fashion blogger who usually wears a size 22, I was disappointed to see that the line’s sizing ends at a 16.

These pieces are gorgeous, and I would absolutely buy them if they came in my size. Please consider expanding the collection’s size range so that plus size fashionistas can wear it as well!


If you also want to see amazing florals in sizes above 16, feel free to drop them a note as well! Target’s a big company, and I doubt they’re going to listen to a few fatshionistas, but it can’t hurt to try.

3 thoughts on “Tell Target, fatties like florals too!

  1. You know, I keep wanting to go to Target (specifically them because of their Champion active wear and because my local ones have stopped carrying anything above a size 18/1 in store) in nothing but a sandwich board that says, “I want clothes too!”

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