Friday links, 3/1/13

It’s March already–how did that happen?

Here’s a really cool video in which Tess Munster shares where she gets her clothing. I had to laugh when she described Torrid and SWAK as affordable, but…yeah.

Also awesome: an interview with Gabourey Sidibe on personal style! I love her.

Here are the links I’ve found interesting this week. Add your own recommendations in the comments, and feel free to self-promote!

20 plus size fashion bloggers who wear a size 24 or above.
-Domino Dollhouse has started shooting for their Spring ’13 collection, and you can see a few pictures on their Instagram!
A look at the role of clothing in the struggle to shape one’s identity in the film Pariah.
-Advanced Style has a roundup of fabulous hats.
-Shannon at Nudemuse writes about more reasons why she’s not a famous fatshion blogger.
-Check out Glorify’s Tumblr fatshion outpost!
An open letter to Lane Bryant.
This is a really sweet story.

Fat Acceptance
-Depressing news on various fronts…BMI report cards for kids (right here in MA, uggh), and workplace discrimination. Yay.
-Even more depressing: The long-term consequences of WLS: Heather’s story. Don’t read this at work, or anywhere else where people might look at your funny for crying.
-Also depressing: that this Dear Prudence video ever got made. Prudie is regularly terrible, but this is particularly, comically bad.
-Two more scary stories of medical fat-phobia: doctors who blamed fatness for what turned out to be MS and cancer.
-But on a more positive note, check out this Tumblr of exciting fat people, started in response to a series of ads that implied fat people should give up their hobbies in order to focus on weight loss.
-April Flores writes about embracing the word “fat” and coming to love her body.
The HAES files: opportunity costs. So, so true.
-Lesley takes down some really ridiculous time-traveling Medifast commercials.
-Bad Ass Mama Fatty shares her big fat struggles.
-Michelle Obama thinks fat people are a problem to be solved “once and for all.”  I really want to like Michelle Obama–she’s so otherwise awesome!–but she has done so much to contribute to a culture of fat hatred, and it hurts. It hurts that the First Lady of the US, who comes from a marginalized group herself, wants to eliminate people like me.
Living fat in a thin world: the chair edition.

Everything Else
-The Onion’s tweet about Quvenzhane Wallis really, really got to me–because, no matter how well-intentioned its author may have been, it crystallized so much of what’s wrong with how society treats little girls of color. And it frustrates me how so many people don’t understand that. I recommend reading this, this, this, and this. And I also think this great video from Jay Smooth is relevant:

-On the cultural divide that is pain.
How cooperatives are driving the new economy.
Green housing in Buffalo: it’s not just for rich people anymore.
10 ways to love others. I don’t completely agree with #9–I think it’s important to treat people well whether or not you believe they were created by a divine intelligence. But otherwise, this is a great list.
Access denied: crisis centers and disabled people.
-Two important pieces about why it’s harmful to force autistic children to act “normal”: No, you don’t and The cost of compliance is unreasonable.
Bitter pill: why medical bills are killing us.
If you are going to explain women, it helps to talk to us first.
-The problems with trickle-down feminism.
Today in unexpected awesomeness: a bunch of frat dudes raise money for their trans brother’s top surgery.


2 thoughts on “Friday links, 3/1/13

  1. Thank you for linking to my blog! You are so beautiful and I LOVE your rainbow tutu! I’m going to have to make one, now! To wear when I roller skate!

    So happy to have found your blog!

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