Friday Links, 2/15/13

Cupcake Ferris wheel!

Happy Friday! Here are the links I liked this week; feel free to share anything you’ve read or written.

-Knit together: can collaborative fashion change the way we approach clothing?
-The insourcing trend: what is the impact of clothing made in the US?
-Gorgeous, gorgeous jewelry–total eye candy.
-Submit your proposal for the Fierce Fashion Futures Track at the Allied Media Conference.
-Fashion blogging culture: demanding substance over style.

Fat Acceptance
-The difference between body positivity and fat acceptance.
-Chris Christie’s weight: the issue that isn’t.
-Comfort eating or eating comfortably?
-An awesome example of how FA blogs are making a difference.
-Fatness around the world.
-An Israeli movie that looks good: A Matter of Size.
-Fat, black, and weird, you have found your people.
-“Identity Thief” and Hollywood’s narrow road for fat actresses.
-Golda Poretsky’s top six takeaways from her body positive dating master class.

This is so cool!

Everything Else
-Notes from the urban-rural divide: Jesus, right-wing politics, and guns.
-Let’s not be wed to outmoded ideas of what marriage is.
-The uprising of women in the Arab world.
-Lessons from women who are leading the sustainable cities movement.
-Grin and abhor it: the truth behind service with a smile.
-We ask that you do not call us professor.
-Where’s the wheelchair dance in pop culture?
-Defending Dawn Summers: from one kid sister to another.
-A hijabi can…be guided by her horse.
-This calendar celebrates trans* youth, and buying it supports transgender health services for youth in L.A.
-Unicorns are jerks: my favorite coloring books for grown-ups.

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