Friday Links, 2/15/13

Cupcake Ferris wheel!

Happy Friday! Here are the links I liked this week; feel free to share anything you’ve read or written.

Knit together: can collaborative fashion change the way we approach clothing?
The insourcing trend: what is the impact of clothing made in the US?
Gorgeous, gorgeous jewelry–total eye candy.
-Submit your proposal for the Fierce Fashion Futures Track at the Allied Media Conference.
Fashion blogging culture: demanding substance over style.

Fat Acceptance
The difference between body positivity and fat acceptance.
Chris Christie’s weight: the issue that isn’t.
Comfort eating or eating comfortably?
-An awesome example of how FA blogs are making a difference.
Fatness around the world.
-An Israeli movie that looks good: A Matter of Size.
Fat, black, and weird, you have found your people.
“Identity Thief” and Hollywood’s narrow road for fat actresses.
-Golda Poretsky’s top six takeaways from her body positive dating master class.

This is so cool!

Everything Else
Notes from the urban-rural divide: Jesus, right-wing politics, and guns.
Let’s not be wed to outmoded ideas of what marriage is.
The uprising of women in the Arab world.
Lessons from women who are leading the sustainable cities movement.
Grin and abhor it: the truth behind service with a smile.
We ask that you do not call us professor.
Where’s the wheelchair dance in pop culture?
Defending Dawn Summers: from one kid sister to another.
A hijabi can…be guided by her horse.
This calendar celebrates trans* youth, and buying it supports transgender health services for youth in L.A.
Unicorns are jerks: my favorite coloring books for grown-ups.

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