#FatshionFebruary, day 12

Why wear one tutu when you can wear two tutus? (AKA the most ridiculously unwieldy, but also fun and colorful, outfit ever.)

Both tutus are from Sisters of the Moon, my go-to tutu supplier.

Some days are just brighter when you have ponies on your face…

…and rainbows on your eyes.

The glitter bow is from Crown & Glory; the pins and necklaces are from Domino Dollhouse (Doll and DD pins), Kelsea Echo (unicorn necklace), Roxie Sweetheart (rainbow umbrella necklace and pink-haired girl pin), and Kuma Crafts (kitty cupcake necklace).

Another one of my Lucite rings from sixth grade:


4 thoughts on “#FatshionFebruary, day 12

  1. I love Kitty and pink but… I think I would wear some of your items and do a retro outfit, coz it would suit me more!
    I just applaud you for going all out!
    Loved your Lucite ring, I remember having some when little ❤
    I've never wore a tutu, how do they feel? I imagine like you are wearing nothing, that's why you wore something underneath, right?
    Overall I just wanna say your post it's just HAPPY AND COLORFUL! Nice job 😀

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