Friday Links, 2/8/2013

Big-ass hat? Hell yes. (Scan of an old Mode Magazine page from Shapely Prose.)

Fatshion police: how plus size blogging left its radical roots behind.
An eco-friendly dress competition in time for awards season.
-I really like this activism idea!
Opening Frida’s closet: an exhibition of Kahlo’s clothing reveals fierce feminism. I would love, love, love to be able to see this exhibit.
Size 2 through 18: me and my pants take a walk down memory lane.
-A photoset of badass black goths.
There’s actually cute plus size clothing at JC Penney. Who knew?
A good article on fatshion, including its radical aspects, from the Daily Dot.
-One blogger’s goal for Fatshion February: to restyle and reuse.
-Amazing photos from a fashion museum in London.
A history of sequins, from King Tut to the King of Pop.
-I never stop being inspired by the clothing on wedding blogs. This groom’s embroidered suit is nothing short of amazing!
On fatphobia within the Goth subculture.

Fat Activism
I’m not pregnant, I’m fat.
-Check out Rachele’s free How To Be a Fat Bitch e-course!
-On fat dating.
-If you needed any more evidence that fat hatred harms and kills, here it is.
MTV interviews Virgie Tovar.
The body I have.
Fat, sex, and politics (not necessarily in that order).
-If you’re in Toronto, you can meet up with awesome fat activist Marilyn Wann!
-It’s disappointing to see Ellen DeGeneres promoting fat shame.
-Fat people are having our reproductive rights threatened.
-Good for NJ Governor Chris Christie for standing up for himself after a former White House doctor said she worries about him dying in office.

An important message from Boggle the Owl.

Insatiable wanderlust: pure eye candy. And I relate so much to that yearning to see the world.
When the unfamiliar feels like home.

Fluffy and Fun Stuff
-These Doctor Who-themed family photos are adorable!
44 Valentine’s Day treats to melt your heart.
How to make a heart-shaped ruffled rose. If anyone wants to make one for me, they are more than welcome. 😉

A great video from Hank Green on the importance of friendship, the way society devalues it compared to romantic relationships, and how to make friends:

“Underneath the emotional skin that we create and show to the world, we are all very different. We are differently broken, semi-functional, rusted-out love machines.”  ❤

Everything Else
Dear Hollywood, please cast Gina Torres as Wonder Woman.
It happened to me: my partner came out as trans while I was pregnant.
True gender equality is actually perceived as inequality.
-Yisha Garbasz is looking for trans* Jewish women to participate in a multimedia art project about Jewishness, transgender, and love.
-I think stories like this, about a woman who left her children in their father’s care, are important. There’s such a double standard when it comes to what’s acceptable for mothers vs. fathers, and that needs to be challenged.
A meeting in Central Park with the oldest living yoga teacher in the world.
Work or college? We need to think about a third path.
-I couldn’t get the video to embed, but make sure to check out Stephen Colbert talking about climate change. The man is brilliant.

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