Friday Links, 2/1/2013

More pictures from Watkins Glen

Happy February! I’m thinking about doing Fatshion February, even though it’s mainly a Tumblr thing and I don’t have Tumblr. We’ll see.

In other news, check out my guest post at Anytime Yoga! I’m also going to be writing at Glorify once the site launches.

Fat Activism
– Another excellent Fatsronauts 101 from Melissa at Shakesville.
-I feel cold just reading this, but it’s a great story: How joining the Coney Island Polar Bear Club taught me to love my body.
IDEA’s massive yoga no-no.
-Today in fat hatred: a shame-tastic article about “mixed-weight” relationships.
-A great thin privilege checklist.
-I love this fat art.
At the intersection of survivor and fat.
Letting go of the thin fantasy.
“What’s your excuse?” Another meme that I hate.
Stop congratulating me.
Myths of weight loss.

On crossing the line between straight and plus sizes.
-Marianne is looking forward to 40 thanks to these fashion bloggers. Make sure to read the comments for more recommendations!
-This fabric featuring fabulous fatties is adorable.
-This wedding fair photoshoot is pure eye candy.
More eye candy, with flowers and petticoats galore.

Why the argument that plus size clothes cost more because they use more fabric is bullshit.
When did men stop wearing high heels?
-If you’re in Northampton, UK, check out this plus size clothing swap.
-If you want Torrid to make a men’s line, sign this petition.
-On the double standard of considering a hairstyle cool on white people, but “ghetto” on people of color.

Walking under a waterfall!

Everything Else
America’s real criminal element: lead.
Why Teach for America is not welcome in my classroom.
I use a mokbal because my leg is sick: developing a disabled identity in South Korea.
-Another story involving South Korea: Our loving each other would not be now the obstacle that it was then.
The rise of the permanent temp economy.
Blogging, money, and feminism: weighing the costs.
Can we build a global climate diplomacy?
The truth about Whole Foods.
Can men and women be friends? An essay and a website launch.
A dream deferred: how access to STEM is denied to many students before they get in the door.
How can you measure income inequality? Count the trees.

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