Friday Links, 11/18/13

I would like to lease some joy. (Sign seen in Milford, CT)

Fat Activism
-All of Rachele’s Shame-Less Ads are amazing.
-Help get fat activist and all-around badass Nomy Lamm to L.A. to audition for the Voice!
Before and after: why weight loss commercials are dangerous and how fat acceptance saved my life.
Fat woman falls through New York sidewalk and it’s high comedy to a bunch of jerks. Uggh.
-Redefining Body Image (which is on fire, btw–if you’re not reading them yet, you should be!) has put together a Big Fat List of myth-defying health resources.
Introducing Aerodynamic by Katy Russell, a series of awesome fat-positive art.
-Huzzah for fat-pos bridal shops!

-How to dress for the Edwardian Ball.
-This is a really cool idea for organizing earrings.
-A great directory of plus size stores.
Bow ties are making a comeback.

Seashells on the beach in Milford

Everything Else
Wow, what a story: On a road 40 years ago.
Wait, why does monogamy need defending again?
When doing good goes wrong: one woman’s story about white saviorism in Africa.
Sexism and rape in the Occupy movement.
Dear Prudence: how should I respond to your rape denialism?
Artisans, mercenaries, and speaking up about gun culture.
50 life hacks to simplify your world.
How to be a fan of problematic things.
-Speaking of problematic things, Anthropologie has created the most offensive (and, of course, overpriced) product ever. Whoaa.
-Everything about this house is gorgeous. Can I move in?

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