Thursday fa(t)shion inspirations, 1/17/13

Sorry for the lateness (again)–I just got home from New York City last night! It was a fun trip, and I’ll post about it soon.

In the meantime, enjoy these lovely looks from around the internet.

I love love love these Domino Dollhouse striped leggings. Unfortunately, they’re no longer available, but I’m going to get vertical stripes on my legs someday, one way or another. They’re so wonderfully circus-y. I saw two women wearing similar leggings in NYC, and was quite jealous.

Another great black and white outfit. I love finding fashionable men on the internet!

Glitter, pink, and a bow? Love it.

All of these outfits are amazing. I should really make it to TeslaCon someday.

Also awesome: these leggings.

I love the burlesque-ness of this outfit:

Leopard print + floral = hell yes.

LOVE these gold pants.

This outfit is goth-tastic.

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