Everyone’s your friend when you’re in New York City

Steve and I went to NYC to see John and Hank Green’s Evening of Awesome–which was indeed awesome, and which I’ll post about soon. For now, here are are a few highlights of our trip.

We stayed with Rachel, one of my college friends:

I love how New York has eateries devoted to any kind of food you can imagine. We didn’t make it to the rice pudding place, but we did stop for lunch at Baconery, whose specialty you can guess from the name. Their bacon grilled cheese and bacon chocolate peanut butter cookies were delicious!

We spent an entire afternoon just wandering through Central Park.

Did you know Central Park has a castle? Here we are at the top.

We came across another specialty cafe, Macaron Parlour, which offered its namesake cookie in a range of flavors from salted caramel to Cheeto. (No, I wasn’t adventurous enough to try that one.)

In a quest to experience the best geekery the city had to offer, we stopped by the Way Station, a bar that contains a TARDIS.

I had read a blog that said they had Buffy nights on Mondays, but unfortunately it turned out that information was out-of-date. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of Buffy, but the live musical comedy of Rob Paravonian more than made up for it.

Here’s a picture from the inside of the TARDIS, which is the bar’s bathroom:

The next day, we had the famed challah French toast at B&H, a tiny Jewish deli.

We wandered around the East Village and the Lower East Side for a while, and came across everything from a mysterious establishment whose only sign was a picture of a chicken to actual chickens in a community garden. We also found a matzoh factory near the community garden–nearly all the ingredients of chicken soup within a few blocks’ radius! 😉

I was pretty happy to find cupcake graffiti.

A few other highlights included chatting a used videogame store clerk, who turned out to be a fellow pegasister. It reminded me of video rental stores and music stores back in the day…I miss being able to have that human connection while shopping.

We also found a few much-needed quiet oases where we could sit down and relax (and use the bathroom, which is important when you’re wandering around a city all day).  My favorite was Physical Graffitea: the walls were painted with a calming mural of a tree, and the orange ginger tea was incredible.

In addition to the bacon and macarons, we ate everything from Thai food to garlic knots (one of my favorite things ever!) to Italian hot chocolate with a scoop of gelato. For our last breakfast in the city, we went to a bagel place near Rachel’s apartment. Boston has an insufficient supply of bagels, so getting them in New York is always exciting. I had a whole-wheat everything with scallion cream cheese, and it was the perfect breakfast.

The weather could have been better–it was gray and cold the whole time, and even started hailing on Tuesday evening. New York in January isn’t exactly an ideal vacation spot. But it was great to get out of Boston, see a friend, and do some city-exploring. I have a few other friends in the city who were out of town this week, so I’m hoping to go back again and see them when the weather’s a bit warmer.

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