Friday links, 1/11/13

First of all, I’ve been nominated for a Shorty Award! So if you have Twitter, go vote for me.

Winston the porcupine wants YOU to remember to be awesome.

-19 Reasons why you miss getting the Delia*s catalog. So much nostalgia!
-Nicki Minaj’s 14 craziest outfits. I haven’t really listened to her music, but I love her style. I’m glad she’s designing a fashion line, although I’m not holding my breath that it’ll include my size.
-How to temporarily color your hair with eye shadow.
-17 great pieces of geek clothes.
-Relatedly, this Etsy shop has amazing custom-made geeky skirts. I want the Firefly one!
-Lauren from Pocket Rocket reflects on 2012: a year of living fatly and proudly.
-Tiny hats: not just for humans anymore.
-Elegant Tim Burton-inspired wedding inspiration: can this be my life? I love the be-flowered tiny hat, and the groom’s black outfit with a pop of purple. And the candles wrapped in lace and ribbons!
-MAC put a female bodybuilder in a makeup ad and it’s beautiful.

Fat Activism
-Harriet Brown on weight bullying by parents.
-The year of fat creativity.
-15 ways we body shame without knowing it.
-A fat mother’s conundrum.
-Stop projecting your misconceptions about fat onto my life.
-What if I’m not comfortable with my weight?
-I’m your worst nightmare.
-This is awesome: Shame-less ad #1.

A little Friday fun:

Everything Else
-A theory of violence: in honor of Kasandra, CeCe, Victoria, Savita, and Anonymous.
-A part-time world.
-The literary world’s latest teapot-sized tempest: or, when writers attack!
-Restorative justice and domestic violence.
-When is a woman not a “real” woman?
-On Asian “accents.
-Feminist abuse culture and enabling.
-Stuff like this makes me so angry: It happened to me: I was fired for being trans.

Words to live by.

-Portugal decriminalized all drugs eleven years ago and the results are staggering.
-The problem with the Big Bang Theory. I’ve only seen a few episodes, but I found it painful to watch, and I think this gets to the heart of why.
-Cliff is so right on about the conflicting messages society sends teens about sex, and how that leads to unnecessary panic.
-Abandoned babies and horrible mothers: media coverage bias.
-2012 was the hottest year in the US. Australia is on fire. Scary shit. And on a related note, it turns out natural gas is just as shitty for the environment as coal and oil.  Sometimes I just want to run around screaming…
-But I feel at least a little bit better when I look at pictures of hedgehogs trying to escape their identities.

Have a good weekend, try not to be on fire, and see you next week! Posting will be light, and I may not be around to moderate comments as often as usual, but things should be back to normal by the end of the week.

One thought on “Friday links, 1/11/13

  1. That MAC ad makes me really happy.

    (I’ve got huge, muscly arms, if not quite as defined as Ms. Abbou’s, that I adore and love to show off, too. I *NEVER* see women with bodies like mine in the media, except the sports pages, and seeing this lady all glammed up *and* showing off her guns makes me smile.)

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