Friday links, 1/11/13

First of all, I’ve been nominated for a Shorty Award! So if you have Twitter, go vote for me.

Winston the porcupine wants YOU to remember to be awesome.

19 Reasons why you miss getting the Delia*s catalog. So much nostalgia!
Nicki Minaj’s 14 craziest outfits. I haven’t really listened to her music, but I love her style. I’m glad she’s designing a fashion line, although I’m not holding my breath that it’ll include my size.
-How to temporarily color your hair with eye shadow.
17 great pieces of geek clothes.
-Relatedly, this Etsy shop has amazing custom-made geeky skirts. I want the Firefly one!
-Lauren from Pocket Rocket reflects on 2012: a year of living fatly and proudly.
-Tiny hats: not just for humans anymore.
Elegant Tim Burton-inspired wedding inspiration: can this be my life? I love the be-flowered tiny hat, and the groom’s black outfit with a pop of purple. And the candles wrapped in lace and ribbons!
MAC put a female bodybuilder in a makeup ad and it’s beautiful.

Fat Activism
Harriet Brown on weight bullying by parents.
The year of fat creativity.
15 ways we body shame without knowing it.
A fat mother’s conundrum.
Stop projecting your misconceptions about fat onto my life.
What if I’m not comfortable with my weight?
I’m your worst nightmare.
-This is awesome: Shame-less ad #1.

A little Friday fun:

Everything Else
A theory of violence: in honor of Kasandra, CeCe, Victoria, Savita, and Anonymous.
A part-time world.
The literary world’s latest teapot-sized tempest: or, when writers attack!
Restorative justice and domestic violence.
When is a woman not a “real” woman?
On Asian “accents.
Feminist abuse culture and enabling.
-Stuff like this makes me so angry: It happened to me: I was fired for being trans.

Words to live by.

Portugal decriminalized all drugs eleven years ago and the results are staggering.
The problem with the Big Bang Theory. I’ve only seen a few episodes, but I found it painful to watch, and I think this gets to the heart of why.
-Cliff is so right on about the conflicting messages society sends teens about sex, and how that leads to unnecessary panic.
Abandoned babies and horrible mothers: media coverage bias.
2012 was the hottest year in the US. Australia is on fire. Scary shit. And on a related note, it turns out natural gas is just as shitty for the environment as coal and oil.  Sometimes I just want to run around screaming…
-But I feel at least a little bit better when I look at pictures of hedgehogs trying to escape their identities.

Have a good weekend, try not to be on fire, and see you next week! Posting will be light, and I may not be around to moderate comments as often as usual, but things should be back to normal by the end of the week.

One thought on “Friday links, 1/11/13

  1. That MAC ad makes me really happy.

    (I’ve got huge, muscly arms, if not quite as defined as Ms. Abbou’s, that I adore and love to show off, too. I *NEVER* see women with bodies like mine in the media, except the sports pages, and seeing this lady all glammed up *and* showing off her guns makes me smile.)

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