The same old hypocrisy

Why am I not surprised that Seventeen is teaming up with the Biggest Loser?

Seventeen and its ilk–as well as their grown-up relatives like Cosmo and Glamour–make millions talking out of both sides of their mouth.

That they regularly spout body-acceptance platitudes while promoting fat stigma is a feature, not a bug, of their business model.

They’ve done it for as long as I can remember, and I doubt it will change: there’s too much money to be made from selling insecurity to teenage girls while placating them with the occasional nod to body acceptance.

If Seventeen truly believed in the “love your body” crap it claims to espouse?

It would probably stop existing, because it would no longer be profitable.

*insert rant about the relationship between capitalism and fat-hatred here*

3 thoughts on “The same old hypocrisy

  1. Hello Dusty, as a representative of Cosmo and Seventeen — I’m happy to let you know that we hear your concerns! I hope you’ll enjoy our next issue featuring–

    “How To Sex Better! (By Ignoring Your Needs!)

    “Five Ways to Love Your Body (By Changing It!)”

    “Celebs Who Lost The Baby Weight! Hate Yourself if You Don’t!”

    “110 Things EVERY Guy Wants (YOU ARE WORTHLESS)”

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