Wet Seal plus, and the same old same old

I just read over at Stylish Curves that Wet Seal is re-launching their plus size line.


On one hand, some of the stuff is really cute. Take, for instance, this velvet blazer:

This could be so easily dressed up for work, or even job interviews, with a nice black dress. And it could be so easily dressed down with a t-shirt and jeans. I could rock it with my gray tutu, a black top, and lots of pearls. Or my Nirvana t-shirt and ripped jeans.

And this skull sweater (SKULL SWEATER!):

On the other hand, this is not exactly progress. Wet Seal already had a plus size line, and got rid of it for no reason. Who knows if this new line will stay around for good, or get yanked like the old one.

Also, I haven’t been able to find confirmation on their site, but last time Wet Seal had a plus line, it was only available online. Online-only plus lines are not exactly new, and I’m sick of them.

I’m sick of not being able to walk into a store and try on clothing. I’m sick of the online-shopping guessing game. I’m sick of wanting to buy things like that purple blazer–which would be perfect for work!–and not being able to, because it’s final sale and the odds that it’ll fit me aren’t good. (I love blazers, but finding one that isn’t too tight in the shoulders is unfortunately rare.)

Also, the sizing is questionable. One commenter on Alissa’s post said this:

Waiting for reviews first. I bought one skirt from the plus line in a 3x and it barely fit me at a size 18. I know it’s jr sizing, but I would think if a 3x was size 24-ish, then something was wrong. Never had this kind of issue with the f21 plus section.

My own experience with the old Wet Seal plus size line was different; I bought one stretchy skirt in a 3x, and it was a bit loose on me. But it’s possible that skirt was an exception, and their sizing is small overall, in which case I’d be sized out of this line completely.

So…yeah. An online-only junior’s plus size line that only goes up to 24–possibly more like 18, if it does indeed run small–isn’t particularly ground-breaking. It’s more of the same shitty treatment we’ve been getting from retailers forever.

It’s frustrating how sometimes it seems like we’re making so little progress. There are more and more expensive indie brands available online, but for regular, inexpensive clothing that can be tried on in person? We still have so few options. I’m just sick of it.

2 thoughts on “Wet Seal plus, and the same old same old

  1. Ugh, Wet Seal. I didn’t know they’d had a plus line before, but when I heard they were launching a “new” one I thought I’d give them a try. I needed a dress for NYE (this was like the day after Christmas) and they were offering $5 2-day shipping plus 20% off dresses or something so I picked out a dress and bought it. The fine print for the offer said “shipping discount will be applied at checkout” or whatever, so I go through the whole checkout process… and they charge me the full $10 for shipping. I called them, no answer. I emailed them telling them to either cancel my order or refund me the $5 for shipping. No answer. The dress shipped with not so much as a peep from them, and certainly no refund. And to top it all off, even though the 2X should have fit perfectly according to their size chart, it was still *way* too tight and short. So yeah, I will not be buying from them again.

    Thankfully I was able to find a Dots nearby and got to actually try on an awesome dress that was exactly what I was looking for!

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