Holiday highlights

This year there seemed to be fewer holiday parties than usual, but still, much merriment was had.

My friend Red topped her Christmas tree with a Star of David, since most of her roommates are Jewish. 🙂

Mary and I wore matching flower crowns!

Delicious holiday cake:

Ninja is adorable, but doesn’t stay still for pictures.

Also, he really likes balloons.

My Hello Kitty stocking:

And gingerbread cookies that Steve and I made! Note that this features Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark. 🙂

You might notice that I’m wearing my Domino Dollhouse galaxy leggings. They’re awesome, and I have two outfit posts featuring them coming soon!

Not pictured: all the Trader Joe’s latkes I inhaled. Mmm, latkes. Also, we didn’t end up visiting our parents for Hanukkah/Christmas, but we did see them over Thanksgiving. And we got to watch a snow squall from the top of a mountain, which was really cool.

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