Fa(t)shion Inspirations, 12/19/12: More tutus

There has been so much fabulous tutu-wearing around the internets lately. So I just have to do another round-up.

I love this poofy black tutu.

This picture reminds me how much I used to love wearing tiaras. I should start up again!

Another awesome yellow tutu, worn under a dress:

Tutu + lace = yes.

Another lovely lace + tutu combo is this ASOS Curve dress. I actually have the same dress, which I bought from another blogger, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit me right in the chest. So I’m probably going to sell it soon, as much as I hate to part with something so fabulous.

Oscar the Grouch rocks.

Pink hair and Popples!

Another lovely black tutu dress from ASOS Curve:

This candy heart shirt is too cute!

Yet another black tutu dress!

I love all the pearls and the red Mary Janes.

3 thoughts on “Fa(t)shion Inspirations, 12/19/12: More tutus

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