Holiday wishlist meme

Kath at Fat Heffalump did a blog meme: what would you like Santa to bring you for Christmas?

Since I celebrate Hanukkah–which is almost over!–I’ve already done most of my gift-giving and receiving. But I still thought this would be a fun meme, because I’m always up for admiring pretty things.

So, here’s my list:

1.) Domino Dollhouse red star skater dress (not for sale yet, but you can see it on their Facebook page here).

I’m totally copying Kath on this, because this dress is just awesome.  It looks so soft and comfortable, and I love the color and star print.

2.) Skull scarf!

This would add an edge to any outfit, and it looks light enough to wear all year round.

3.) A giant shiny pink bow from the Velvet Village. It just screams me.

4.) A 2013 faerie houses calendar.

I love anything woodland- or fairy-related, and Sally J. Smith’s houses are amazing. You can see more of them on her website.

5.) A glamorous rose umbrella.

I’ve been eyeing this forever. It would be such a fabulous way to stay dry.

6.) A pink Pantone mug.

7.) Since this is all fantasy anyway, I just have to include this amazing headdress from Pearls & Swine.

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