Friday Links, 12/14/12

Last weekend, Steve and I checked out a bunch of local craft fairs. At one of them, we ran into Joolie of I Am Joolienn. She’s been reading my blog, and she even made a headband inspired by my constant giant-bow-wearing! 😀

It’s made from the bow on the back of an ’80s prom dress–how cool is that?

Fat Activism
-A really important read: Why I will never advocate weight loss surgery.
Every single woman in America is now “curvy.”
Aren’t you uncomfortable? The things we assume about fat people.

What if you’re too big for Lane Bryant? A resource list for people who are sized out of many plus size stores.
-How to make DIY googly eye bows.
Boutique to know: LUCY. I especially like the black and white damask dress!

Another highlight of our arts/crafts-event hopping: a giant jellyfish crocheted out of both yarn and plastic:

Serena Williams is not a costume.
Where is Sage Smith, a missing transgender teenager of color?
The top ten relationship words that aren’t translatable into English.
PSY and the acceptable Asian man.
-This post isn’t recent, but it makes some points that need to be said over and over again: The distress of the privileged.
-Why food challenges are problematic.
-On a related note, Kate Harding makes a very good point about the way people respond to such challenges.
-Roxane Gay has a diverse list of book recommendations, in contrast to the many all-white book lists out there.
-As a grammar nerd myself, I love Marianne’s post about grammar and language.

Starcrossed: Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s bizarre anti-Mayan rant. This was especially disappointing because I’m such a big fan of his. I don’t know what he was thinking.
You are not a family man if you kill your family: a primer on writing about domestic violence.
-Two wonderful weddings from Offbeat Bride: Leah and Lisa’s fantastical whirlwind wedding of rainbows and butterflies and Top hats and tails at this Brooklyn winery wedding.
-How to thrift your holiday gifts.
-New England, especially my adopted home of Massachusetts, is on the forefront of renewable energy. Hells yeah MA!

I had fun trying on vintage hats at one of the fairs.

-So…remember how I was talking about how it sucks that so much interesting FA work is going on in XOJane, a non-FA space that publishes some really terrible stuff? Well….yeah. They recently published something even worse than their usual linkbait: a Good Men Project cross-post which you can read about here on Feministe (trigger warning for rape). I am so tempted to boycott XOJane, but…I can’t give up my Lesley and Marianne fix. Ugggh.

There have been a bunch of good responses to the GMP debacle from the feminist blogosphere, including these two:
Inside baseball with Feministe and the Good Men Project.
Good Men Project’s rape faceplant, predators, and the social license to operate.

To end on a lighter note, here are some animals dressed up for the holidays. I hope you all have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Friday Links, 12/14/12

  1. as far as Lesley and Marianne go (and this could certainly apply generally) Have you thought about e-mailing them and expressing that? That is–I know Ozy Frantz is officially gone from GMP over this (I think zie started a new blog) It sucks when you’ve got Person who’s Great publishing through Terrible (often) Place, but while we as readers can only affect change through our comments, the writers need to be pushing for this too behind the scenes.

    I’ve been reflecting on this blog-o-plosion of this last week. I’m not making a comment on the content other than to put a large check mark next to Feministe and Thomas Miller’s pieces. The ship sailed on GMP a long time ago, but it is now on fire in the middle of the ocean.

    There’s just so much I wish GMP could’ve been.

    A good ally listens and shuts-up most of the time. I’m down with that. But the idea that there’s a space where feminist-ally men can talk with other feminist-ally men (obviously men get to talk with men EVERYWHERE because: privilege) about the construction, the performance, and the policing of masculinity is pretty awesome. The patriarchy hurts men in different ways than it hurts women, and it is never okay to derail a thread or conversation with “What About the Men?” so I wish there were a place to have those conversations. Listen a lot and comment little in the other spaces, but still have a place to express what’s shitty about our sexist society for men.

    I’m not arguing for segregated blogs, I’m not putting forward the idea that there should be

    Blog for Feminism (WoC only) (Disabled only) (Genderqueer only) (A Large Venn Diagram of Intersectionality only)……


    • That’s a good idea about emailing Lesley and Marianne. I know that XOJane is Lesley’s full-time job, so I doubt she could be convinced to leave, but it’s worth a try.

      The ship sailed on GMP a long time ago, but it is now on fire in the middle of the ocean.

      Yes! So much yes.

      I also wish GMP had been better, because feminist men do need a space to talk about how patriarchy affects them and how they can change it. I hope someone starts a space like that.

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