OOTD: Tutu or not tutu?

There is no question.

Bodysuit: ReDress, tutu and necklace and bow: Target, shoes: Simply Be, earrings: So Good, bangle: H&M, rhinestone bracelet: Forever 21

The shoes, unfortunately, don’t fit quite right. So I’m going to return them, but I had to get a few pictures in them first. They’re just so…me. And ugh, I hate how hard it is to find nice shoes in extra-wide at all.

Due to financial stuff, I’m temporarily giving up on finding pretty shoes, but someday….someday.

I originally bought this bodysuit for yoga, hoping it would solve my escaping-belly problem. Unfortunately, although it did solve that one, it turned out to create an equally problematic escaping-boobs problem. So the search for non-escape-inducing yoga wear is still on.

So pretty…so pretty…I’m trying really hard to avoid making a pun about my “solemates.”

But these shoes do very much match my personality. And DAMN I wish I didn’t have to give up personality-matching shoes for the sake of comfort.

Someday, shoe manufacturers will realize that women with wide feet want pretty shoes too. And they’ll start making a diverse range of shoes in varying styles, with varying heel heights, with plenty of support. So then if one pair doesn’t fit right, there will always be another pair.

A girl can dream, right?

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