Friday Links, 12/7/12

So…I dug up some Lisa Frank stuff when I went to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving.

-Lesley takes on the ridiculousness of a Kickstarter project aimed at…ending discrimination toward thin people? She’s so much more coherent than I could be about something so WTF-inducing.
-Get thin or die trying: you know, for your health! An important post about the intersection of fat shaming and disability.
-From the Fat Nutritionist: Stuff people assume I believe, vs. stuff I actually believe.
-I love seeing pictures of adorable, happy chubby couples!

-An interview with Tracy Broxterman of Domino Dollhouse.
-How to take style inspiration from the Eleventh Doctor.
-Really effing festive headgear: 10 oversized, sparkly ridiculous choices. Don’t read the comments if you don’t want to be subjected to a ton of judging, irrational fascinator-hatred, and general nastiness, though. It sucks how much some people just hate to see other people having fun with style.
-A great response to the whole “leggings are not pants” bullshit.
-Check out Fourteen, a new line of ready-to-wear suits and accessories especially for  lesbian, queer, and trans weddings and events, in sizes 0-24.
-Queer fashion guide to buying a stylish hat.

Unicorn carousel!

-You can stop saying “I’m not a feminist but” now. I highly recommend reading this, as well as pretty much everything Roxane Gay writes.
-Why I’m not down with food stamp challenges.
-Co-opting the co-op: what’s the real cost of homesteading’s new hipness?
-The hidden ways microfinance hurts women. This is just…unfortunate and depressing. It’s painful to find out that a movement that seems so positive and empowering can actually hurt women, especially without any suggestions on how to change it. I’m going to have to do more thinking and researching.
-Living in the shadow of Iran: I just learned my grandmother’s name. This is beautiful.

-On hating Chris Brown.
-The ambition myth: debunking a common excuse for the gender wage gap.
-“Nature” takes on its gender trouble.
-I love this gothic woodland engagement shoot, and this awesome hot pink- and purple-themed wedding–which includes a be-tutu-ed canine ringbearer!

This video is so true. It’s why I don’t have a smart phone and don’t want one, even if I could afford it. (Also, the PBS Ideas guy has developed the most ridiculously distracting mustache. Seriously, I can’t even tell if its hipster or a parody of hipsters, which would make it…meta-ironic?)

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