Fa(t)shion Inspirations, Petticoat edition

It’s time for another special edition of Fa(t)shion Inspirations! This time, it’s all about petticoats, in all their sheer chiffon glory. Whether worn under a dress or alone, they give any outfit that extra oomph.

Petticoat buddies! 🙂

I love Luna Del Ray’s Marie Antoinette costume, featuring a Domino Dollhouse petticoat.

I really like the combination of a petticoat and sneakers. If I ever get a halfway decent pair of sneakers, you can bet I’ll be rocking this look all the time.

A silver petticoat! How cool is that?

Desiree gets to be featured twice because she has so many awesome petticoat-based outfits.

Lovely lavender!

What’s better than a petticoat? Two petticoats!

I love everything about this outfit, especially the way the bow theme repeats on the sweater, skirt, and belt.

And more lovely lavender! Be sure to check out the rest of Gabriella’s post, as it features two other petticoats and a fantastic pink shiny skirt.

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