Friday Links, 11/30/12

-On fat prejudice at the hairdresser’s, and the eventual triumph of a fat girl who wanted a pixie cut.
-Aoife’s proposed rules of when and how to comment on other people’s clothing are PERFECT.
-Check out these adorable doggies wearing hair flowers, and this one wearing a dress!
-Domino Dollhouse explains why the prices of their Astralnauts Collection Part 1 are higher than usual.
25 plus size little black dresses for the holidays.
-If you’re near Leeds, England, check out this plus size clothing swap!
-I enjoy reading wedding blogs mostly for the fashion. Check out the amazing hot pink hair on these bridesmaids, and this roundup of chubby grooms wearing some awesome outfits.
-Fashion inspiration from a Japanese magazine.

-Lindy West is the best. Really.
-Frances of Corpulent got an article published in a magazine for teen girls! Huzzah!
-Another installment in Shakesville’s Fatstronauts 101 series. If you haven’t yet, read them all!
-Issa answers the question, “Did I break my ability to be skinny?”
-What do we promote when we compliment weight loss?

So much glitter!

-Remember when I mentioned climbing a playground rope structure while blindfolded? You can read more about the adventure here, on my friend Anna’s travel blog.
Please don’t volunteer on Thanksgiving: a former shelter worker tells all.
-It’s officially time to freak out about global warming. Also read Bill McKibben’s piece about the terrifying new math of global warming. He wrote it back in July, and basically predicted Hurricane Sandy.
-Two awesome examples of people organizing to make a difference this week: fast food workers striking in NYC, and college students pushing their schools to divest from fossil fuels.
The tech world, internet, and games industry are becoming better places for women. Here’s #1reasonwhy.
-Black Friday: a behavioral economist’s nightmare.
-Grading schools isn’t the answer, it’s the problem.
Christina Mavuma: why she kicks ass.
-This guy is a great ally in fighting rape culture.

-How your attitudes might be trapping disabled people in their homes.
-On a similar note, a blind woman describes the harassment she receives from people who refuse to believe that she is blind.
Giving thanks for secular “churches.”
-What it means to be a mentally ill college student.
This comic makes my inner English teacher giggle.
Great transit maps that aren’t transit maps.
This is just too cute. Yellow labbies are the best!

A really interesting video from one of my favorite scientists, Neil DeGrasse Tyson:

If you’re looking for books to read, check out John Green’s recommendations:

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