Wednesday Fa(t)shion Inspirations, 11/28/12

These jeans. LOVE. I remember when huge flares were a thing in the late ’90s, and I really hope they come back so that plus size stores will start making them. I want a pair so badly.

Oh man, how much do I love this light pink skull cardigan? I’m going to keep an eye out in case something like it ever shows up in plus sizes.

Domino Dollhouse birthday dress + Hello Kitty necklace = a girl after my own heart.

One word: gorgeous.

I really like the diversity of textures in this monochromatic outfit. The lace, leather, tulle, and studs work so well with the all-red scheme.

Fat pony cosplay just makes me happy. Especially when the characters are Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, with whom Steve and I respectively identify.

I love the twirliness of this skirt.

And more pink: a coat of awesomeness! I love how it looks with turquoise and eggplant.

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