Fa(t)shion inspirations, special tutu edition

I know it’s not Wednesday, but I couldn’t wait to share these awesome outfits starring tutus that I’ve come across recently.

Sian shows of her ASOS Curve tutu dress (the same one I mentioned in my tutu news post):

I absolutely love the romantic vibe of Sal’s dusty pink tutu. If I had one like it, I’d be all about mixing it with florals, or with spikes and leather. Or a t-shirt and sneakers. Or a shit-ton of lace and pearls… *falls headfirst into fatshion-fantasy-land*

A skull-print tutu: how cool is that?!

This season, neon accessories are out, and chickens are in. 😉

What a lovely tulle dress.

I like Desiree’s pink underskirt and accessories. Also, make sure to read her whole post so you can check out her amazing winged sandals!

Jay Miranda looks lovely in taupe and blush. I really like the trim around the edges of the tutu, too.

This outfit is wonderfully elegant.

Bonus: check out all the bloggers who did a teacup and tulle challenge! I wonder if they’d consider doing it again so I can play? 😉

2 thoughts on “Fa(t)shion inspirations, special tutu edition

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