OOTD: Chandelier dress

This outfit is what happens when you have a randomly warm day in November: the dusky purples and blacks of late fall mixed with the bare legs and arms of spring.

I also went daringly fascinator-less, as I felt that the dress and bracelet were statement enough.

Dress: Lucie Lu, tank top: Target, bracelet: a closing sale at a store whose name I don’t remember on Newbury Street, necklace: handmade, earrings: gifted, shoes: Naot

I bought this dress years ago after reading a review of it on Shapely Prose. It’s really cute, but terrible quality–on par with Old Navy, if not worse. After only a few wears, it started pilling and developing tiny holes.  And I paid $70 for it! I would definitely never buy from Lucie Lu again, but other people such as Fat Heffalump have had better experiences with them, so YMMV.

I’ve thought so many times about selling or giving away this dress, but every time I put it on, I can’t do it. I love the color, the giant chandelier, the way it fits on me. It’s soft and comfortable too. If it weren’t so fall-apart-y, it would be the perfect dress.

I made this necklace a few years ago, with a jewelry-expert friend who helped me put on the clasp. Someday, I should learn the mechanical stuff myself so I can do more jewelry-making, as I really enjoy picking out and arranging beads.

I don’t usually wear cuff bracelets like this, for the simple reason that they rarely fit my wrists. But this one does, and is comfortable aside from the effort involved in getting jackets on and off over it.

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