I’ve finally found a quote that sums up my religious views

So, I’m not the biggest fan of Yoga Journal (commercialization of yoga, lots of thin white women, the usual issues I have with most mainstream magazines), but I’ve happened to come by a free subscription, so I enjoy what I can of it.

They do have some gorgeous images and lovely quotes, like this one that I found:

“What if religion was each other?
If our practice was our life?
If prayer was our words?
What if the temple was the Earth?
If forests were our church?
If holy water–the rivers, lakes, and oceans?
What if meditation was our relationships?
If the Teacher was life?
If wisdom was self-knowledge?
If love was the center of our being.”
– Ganga White, founder of the White Lotus Foundation

This is perfect. This is exactly how I feel. This is why I can’t take sides in the God vs. no God dichotomy, or even the religious vs. spiritual one–my beliefs are in a different place altogether.

7 thoughts on “I’ve finally found a quote that sums up my religious views

    • Clare, you’re absolutely bullying now. I don’t care for the posters’ idea of fashion, I don’t care for the posters’ idea that all plus size bloggers are into fat-fashion or fat-acceptance, but you’re now just at the same level of a bully. not cool.

      • I’m sorry.
        I’m not. Not in the slightest. I think if you pluck someone out of the blogosphere to criticise for no good reason then you’ve got accept a little friendly banter.

    • This is the end of the derail. I have literally no idea what you’re talking about–where did I say something about posters? But either way, as I also responded to your comment on my post about the UnReal Women project: one more off-topic attack and you’ll be banned.

      • Oh sorry, wasn’t it you who commented further up. Read the comment above mine. Thank gawd you’ve got no idea either. Wow. Derail. That’s a good one though.

        • Nope, that was not me. In that comment, it’s clear that the person was using “poster” to refer to me–i.e., I wrote the post (s)he was talking about, therefore I am “the poster.” His/her apostrophe was in the wrong place, but I thought the meaning was still obvious.

          Either way, you failed to stop making off-topic and attacking comments, so you have been banned.

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