OOTD: Pink and black and ’90s all over

Somehow I’ve become old enough that this skirt I got in middle school now feels “vintage.”

Shirt: Old Navy, vest: Torrid via fatshionxchange, skirt: maybe Marshall’s?, shoes: Sugar Shoes via eBay, necklace: gifted, earrings: Claire’s, hat and purse: not sure, wristband: Pacsun, pink ring: Kelsea Echo, claddagh ring: not sure

I got it in either 7th or 8th grade, along with another one in cream and brown. I didn’t wear the cream one much, though, so I gave it away a few years later.

This one, I’ve always loved. And thanks to the powers of elastic waists, it still fits me (which is why I love elastic-waist skirts so much, and hate the ones with zippers, which become too tight or loose with even minor weight fluctuations).

I used to think it was Victorian/goth-y, but now it just screams ’90s to me.

I love these pink shoes, which I’ve had since college (and they’re my second pair–I got the first in high school). I don’t wear them out very often, though, because they’re not supportive enough.

The necklace is a recent gift from my grandmother. It has a ’90s feel, so I thought it would go well with this outfit.

The purse is almost as old as the skirt. I was really into fuzzy purses for a while…

I also had one in blue, so I’ll try to dig it out for a future outfit.

All of my old teenage purses are too small for daily use–I usually stick with my silver one, which has all sorts of handy pockets–but I still enjoy matching them up to outfits.

3 thoughts on “OOTD: Pink and black and ’90s all over

  1. I don’t know what’s more awesome, the skirt or the vest. They both rock so hard!

    Also, we must be the same age; I’m starting to have some of the older items in my closet look modishly vintage, too. (I have a jean jacket I got around age 12 or 13 — miraculously, it still fits me now, a little shy of 100 pounds heavier.)

    • Thanks! 🙂

      That’s awesome about your jean jacket! I love those magical items of clothing that fit at any size. I have one too: a Nirvana t-shirt that I got in sixth grade, which just barely still fits me now, also at almost 100 pounds heavier.

      And it does sound like we are about the same age. I am 27. 🙂

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