Cocktail party at Shake the Tree

Last night, Steve and I went to a jewelry party with free cocktails and cupcakes at Shake the Tree, a boutique in the North End.

This is one of the things I love about Boston: there’s an abundance of free cupcakes, if you know where to look.

Delicious lemon cupcake!

Shake the Tree has these parties once a month. This is the second one Steve and I have been to; we stumbled on the first one completely by accident! A few months ago, we went into the North End, planning to get cupcakes at Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe–my favorite cupcake place, which had closed years ago and then re-opened in a new location. And it just so happened that Shake the Tree, less than a block away, was having a party with free mini-cupcakes from Lulu’s!  There’s nothing better than intending to buy something and then getting it for free. 🙂

The store is full of lovely shiny things to admire. I didn’t even bother looking at the clothing, which I’m sure was all straight-sized. But they have so many fun cookbooks to flip through and baubles to ogle, including a lot of stuff from Papaya.

Steve got a very pretty pink cocktail made with Spindrift soda.

There was an adorable baby tutu hanging on the wall. 🙂

And many, many sparkly things.

Mmmm, Thai food.

Rainbow chocolate bars!

Skulls right in front of glitter flowers? Hells yes.

Afterwards, we had delicious Italian food:


And on the way back to the T, I saw this rather intriguing billboard:

I may just have to check that out someday.

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