OOTD: Friendship is magic

It’s no secret that I love My Little Pony. And I also love Art Nouveau, so I’m a big fan of combining them.

Shirt: We Love Fine, jeans: Old Navy, purse: not sure, leopard hoodie and mauve jacket: Marshall’s, glitter bow: Crown and Glory, earrings and rainbow bangle: So Good, black and silver bangles: Deb and Torrid, necklace: pendant from Michael’s on a chain

I also love love love my Crown and Glory glitter bow. It makes any outfit automatically more fun, and attracts compliments from complete strangers (yes, even here in Boston–we’re not actually as unfriendly as the stereotype).

I enjoy the contrast of wearing jeans and a t-shirt with lots of bling.

I’ve had this purse since sophomore or junior year of high school.  I remember taking it with me to visit colleges! It’s too small to use for real these days, but too cute not to play dress-up with.

And this jacket? So soft and fuzzy.


4 thoughts on “OOTD: Friendship is magic

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