The lament of the lady with wide, flat feet

Dear shoe manufacturers,

I want pretty shoes.

Like these:

Or these:

Or these.

I want colorful, even outrageous shoes.

I don’t want to be limited to black, gray, brown, and maybe red or silver if I’m lucky.

I want pink and flowers and studs, glitter and bows and skulls.

ASOS Pickle platforms – say that three times fast…

I want to be able to express myself through my footwear, rather than throwing on the same pair of black shoes or gray sneakers with every outfit.

And I also want shoes that are comfortable, well-made, wide, and supportive. With a 1′ or 2″ heel–not high heels (which hurt) or flats (which have no support).

I’m willing to pay for them, at least up to $100 – $150 like I pay for my Naot Mary Janes.

I can’t be the only one.


5 thoughts on “The lament of the lady with wide, flat feet

  1. I really do wish shoe manufacturers would stop simply accepting B width as ‘the norm’. I am at the opposite end of the spectrum and I’m aware that I am privileged enough to go to the store & try on shoes that won’t pinch my feet, yet I still have some shoe issues. The ball of my foot is just shy of 3″ across, a high arch, & my heels are apparently rather narrow. It can be tiring having to find all sorts of inserts & insoles to put in shoes (which often cost as much as the shoes themselves) just so my feet don’t slide around inside my ballet flats. Or having my big toe get bent back & sprained b/c my foot keeps sliding forward in boots. I’ve even had to stuff cut up pieces of sock into the bottoms of my shoes to take up extra space. The blisters, chafing, and bloody, peeling skin on the back of my ankles thing gets really old really fast. Maybe one day manufacturers will wake the hell up & see that affordable, accessible clothing for ALL *can* be profitable………

    • Uggh, that sounds terrible! It is really stupid how narrow (no pun intended) the range of regularly-made shoe widths are. I really hope that manufacturers wake the hell up someday too, and start making both shoes and clothing that fit a wide (again, no pun intended! 😉 ) range of bodies and feet.

  2. THIS!! I have wide EE feet with a HIGH arch and narrow heels. I have shown shoe salespeople over and over again how wide the foot is, and they keep insisting that the narrow shoes “shouldn’t hurt.” My bones crunch together when my feet get forced into the shoes, and if I take a step to appease the crowds who claim I “can wear those,” the aching doesn’t stop until the next day. I now wear slides/clogs or whatever they’re called, the kind that have Velcro and can be adjusted across the top (and the flap never covers the Velcro completely because I have more foot than they think!). I know clogs are not really accepted in the winter, so I do have some clunky men’s running shoes for when it snows. LOL! I can’t wear boots, either, because for some reason my heel and ankle need to flex. ??? Anyhow, I used to get “Ivy” from Drew’s barefoot Freedom line, but they have been discontinued. Mean Drew!! Don’t know what I will get if I have to get shoes again.

    Love the blog, BTW! Yes Hello Kitty 4-Evr and unicorns!!

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