Rainbows and unicorns and puppies, oh my!

I’m sick (booo), so I’m just sitting around trying to entertain myself with the internet.

Which has led to looking at lots pictures of Lisa Frank school supplies from the ’90s.

And covering my phone in Lisa Frank stickers.

I may not have a newfangled smartphone like all the kids these days (who can get phone cases on Etsy), but I can still decorate my electronics.

The whole shebang:

More Lisa Frank fun, for those who want to follow me down the ballerina-bunny rabbit hole:

-There are people who get LF tattoos. Seriously.
Flashback: 15 old skool school supplies. Including those fruity-scented magic markers, which I loved so much in kindergarten. It took my mom the longest time to figure out why I kept coming home with colorful streaks on my nose.
-Best Halloween costume ever.
-A Tumblr devoted to all things Lisa Frank.
-LF character bios.
-I always wanted to be in Club Lisa Frank. Now I know what I missed out on!

Also, I think I still have a bunch of Lisa Frank stuff at my parents’ house (including a unicorn-carousel trapper keeper, an alien planner, and about ten sticker books). When I go there for Thanksgiving, I’ll look for it and then post more pictures. 🙂

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