Friday Links, 11/9/12

Today’s edition of Friday Links has been brought to you by Thessaly, one of the two cutest cats ever. (Her sister, Toto, is also adorable, but harder to corral for pictures.)

-My life could use a bit more Melbourne Cup fashion. Actually, a lot more. That tutu and flower crown! Those fascinators! *swoon*
Dots now offers online shopping! Which is exciting because I like their clothes, but the last time I went to their store, I couldn’t try on any of it, as the cashiers were busy ringing up a long line of customers and there was no one to unlock the dressing rooms.
-Wardrobe Oxygen has an interview with Desiree, a fabulous older fashionista.  My favorite quote: “Fashion is what talented designers are paid to churn out up to four times a year, in many cases at great personal and emotional expense. Style is the opposite. It’s like slipping into a dream. There’s excitement, fear, hesitation and you learn to fall into yourself.”
-A kitty fascinated by sparkly shoes. Awwwwww.
Sophisticate noir November theme: hosiery (and some awesome shoes too).
Too poor for Old Navy.
7 reasons you should compliment total strangers. I really like doing this, as it brightens people’s day–just like it brightens mine when they compliment my fashion choices.
-A Tumblr of Muslims wearing things.
Fatshionistas in the New York Times!
-A new plus size clothing buying/selling marketplace, Abbey Post, will be launching in December.
Six great +40 fashion blogs.
-DIY: make rhinestone jewelry colorful with acrylic paint.

She’s just a big blob of cuddle.

-I wish I were in San Francisco, because the Fatty Affair 2013 sounds amazing.
-New Zealand wants to keep out the fatties. That’s…wonderful. It’s a pretty fucked-up world when people can be denied the ability to immigrate due to their size.
The real complications of obesity.
15 books that shaped my body-loving journey.
-Two of the many things that piss me off…

The US Election 
Tammy Duckworth, all-around badass, elected to Congress.
Buddhist, Hindu make history with election to Congress.
-Binders full of women…are about to occupy the Senate. I find it a bit sad, though, that electing 20 female Senators (out of 100) is still something to celebrate.
-So much #winning.

Hurricane Sandy
-Marathon runners embrace chance to help residents recover.
When good intentions aren’t enough: how to improve Sandy relief
-A Sandy-cleanup first date with a Jersey boy.
-Donate to help an LGBT teen center that was destroyed by Sandy.
The Sandy 15? Spare me.

-My friend Khadeja’s rant about job-hunting.
The Great Irrelevant Princess Debate.
Five lessons learned by bunking off work.
-An interesting photo project about the lives of young Iranians, mostly women.
-This high school’s philosophy sounds wonderful.
-There is nothing cuter than a butterfly sitting on a golden retriever’s nose.

This is just awesome:

2 thoughts on “Friday Links, 11/9/12

  1. I’ve been slightly obsessed with your blog since just recently discovering it….and so I was totally shocked when you linked back to mine! Ha! Thank you so much! And I used to wear something in my hair almost every day, and then fell out of the habit, but after seeing your awesome pics, I may need to start up again.

    • You’re welcome! I like to spread the blog love. 😀

      And huzzah for getting back into wearing hair pieces! If you want, maybe we could do a challenge, where we each wear a different fascinator/headband/etc every day for a week or something.

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