OOTD: Snooooow!

The first snowstorm of the season is always exciting, when it’s sparkly and powdery and soft.

I know it’ll turn into dirty slush eventually, cold wet feet, slippery ice…

But for now, it’s beautiful. It’s a cause for celebration, and drinking peppermint hot chocolate.

I did some decorating last night.

This morning, I broke out my beloved faux leopard coat, which my mom found for $12 at a thrift store. Yes, she has magic thrifting powers.

Peacock dress: Yours, leggings: American Apparel, umbrella: CVS, cardigan: Old Navy, bracelet: Forever 21, necklace, earrings, and fascinator: So Good

The boots are also a gift from my parents. I didn’t get much chance to wear them last winter, but this winter, it looks like I will.

8 thoughts on “OOTD: Snooooow!

  1. Love the colours in your outfit. Eeee! SNOW! I’ve never seen real snow! I’ve only seen the fake snow they produce at snow fields, back when I was around 12.

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