Friday links, 11/2/12

Even fence-posts need to stay warm when the weather gets chilly.

I’ve got lots and lots of links for you today, to tide you over for the next month. (And I’m freaking out a little…I love writing but I have so much resistance to get past. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to push through it.)

More Sandy-related links (earlier links here)
Helping victims of domestic violence in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
Why Sandy matters to the election.
-First responders = amazing. If you can, go hug one.
-How to donate and volunteer responsibly.
-NASA warned New York about hurricane danger six years ago.
-The hideous inequality exposed by the hurricane. (This sounds familiar…it’s almost like a similar disaster, with similarly worse effects on poor people, happened in another major city seven years ago.)
-From the Onion: Nation suddenly realizes this just going to be a thing that happens from now on.

A Hello Kitty pumpkin!

-Exciting  news: Fatshion blogger Jessica Dee is starting a clothing line! And it’s full of shiny things.
Nicole and Damien’s gothic handfasting Halloween party – the outfits are amazing.
My top is not out of control.
-Kath of Fat Heffalump gives an example of how not to market to fat customers, and offers to help plus size fashion companies get it right.
Color crush: galactic silver. Love!
-Incredibly gorgeous floral clothing.
Suit or Sari? On professionalism and “ethnic” dressing.
Fashion Friday: Money–a lot of good points in here.
5 lessons Nicki Ninaj can teach you about personal style.
-Plus size models get laughed at by Toronto Fashion Week audience. ARGHH *giant squid of anger*

-This Simply Be launch party looks like a lot of fun. I wish they had stores in the US! (Come to think of it, I wish Boston had any plus size stores other than Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, and Avenue. Bahh.)
Beyond 3X: Fashions for the plus size woman.
-A conversation on the many sucky ways Old Navy treats its plus size customers.
-Amazing kawaii decoden sunglasses. Especially the ones with the spikes.
-There’s a new Tumblr, Fat Sale, for selling and buying plus size clothes.
-If you’re in Brisbane, check out this fab fatshion event! I’m going to keep working on my teleportation skills so I can try to make it. (Also, because I’ve always wanted to visit Australia.)
-Target will be releasing a clothing collection in collaboration with designer Prabal Gurung. The pictures look gorgeous, but there’s no word on the size range. I really hope they include plus sizes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t.
-A frosted fairytale of a store window.

Some people have cats or dogs…others have woolly mammoths.

-The Fat Nutrionist on the concept of “food addiction.” (And a related oldie-but-goodie: Joy Nash’s Fat Rant 2: Confessions of the Compulsive.)
Why the “war on fat” is a scam to peddle drugs.
On debates and comments and exhaustion.
-A brilliant piece from Lesley on “glorifying obesity.”
Fat yoga pictures are the best.
Hospitals, healthcare costs, and fat people.
How to reduce heart attacks without any mention of weight.
-Fat stigma at the grocery store.
-Would you assume this man is unhealthy based on his looks? If so, think again.
The myth of the butterfly.
-A compilation of good books with fat characters.

A lovely dahlia that I saw on the way to the Pop Up Plus NY event

General colorfulness
’90s toys–so much nostalgia.
More ’90s toys, organized by color.
-And even more: Lisa Frank stuff!
-How to make rainbow flowers.
-A bit of sugar-coated inspiration.

Social justice
-Why are progressives ignoring immigrant women?
-Dia De Los Muertos is not your Halloween.
Your bootstraps are ours now. Good luck! – a story of a family who had to go on food stamps because the government seized their land.
The erosion of worker benefits.
-Why we need to stop referring to women as “classy.”
-Why dressing up like a Native American for Halloween is really, really not ok.
-Joe Biden calls transgender rights the civil rights issue of our time. Rock on, Joe.
-“I was a ‘lazy welfare mother.‘”
-A transwoman’s experience with suddenly facing ubiquitous sexism after she transitioned.

Meet Moses, the orphaned baby elephant raised by a human mom. At the end of the post, there’s an especially adorable picture of Moses and his kitty friend.
Zoo animals with jack-o-lanterns!

Elodie’s compendium of illustrated search terms.

If you’re working up an appetite reading all these links, here’s some delicious, delicious math!

And if you’ve always wanted to learn how to parallel park…

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