Blog announcement #2

So….after reading Issa’s post about NaBloWriMo (i.e., writing one blog post per day for the month of November), I’ve decided to switch to that from NaPoWriMo.

Which means, lucky readers, that you’ll get more posting instead of less!

I have somewhat conflicted feelings about this. On one hand, blogging is where my heart is right now. It’s what inspires me. It’s where my creative energy wants to go.

On the other hand, it feels like a cop-out. I love poetry, and have a hard time getting myself to write it. So the idea of devoting myself to it for a month sounded like a wonderful opportunity and challenge: a way to get away from screens, slow down, turn inward.

The problem is, I don’t want to turn inward right now. I want to turn outward, to connect.

I want to follow my inspiration. It’s too precious a resource to waste–even when it’s mixed up with a magpie-like love of shiny objects that feels somehow…impure to me.

On that note, I want to do a shopping fast as well. Both because it’s a good idea financially, and because it’ll force me to be more creative with remixing my wardrobe.

I’m still planning to go to at least some NaNo write-ins, and try to write poetry as well as working on blog posts. I do miss it, and I find it a lot easier to write when I have some structure.

A few blog ideas I’m thinking of doing this month:

-A week without neutrals challenge, which would be particularly interesting because I wear a ton of black. It would force me out of my comfort zone a bit.
-A challenge in which I wear a different fascinator/headband every day for a week, or maybe two. I already wear something in my hair almost every day, but there are certain pieces I gravitate toward, and it would be fun to try mixing it up.
-A Halloween-themed fa(t)shion inspiration round-up.
-A fa(t)shion inspiration round-up consisting entirely of bloggers wearing tutus and/or petticoats.

I’m also working on a post about the complicated ethics of fa(t)shion blogging.

Is there anything else you’d like to see me blog about? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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