Apple-picking and OOTD

Yesterday, a few of my friends and I went apple-picking. It’s a bit of a tradition–this is the third year we’ve done it at the same farm. They also have a petting zoo, a farm store, a pumpkin patch, a food stand, and a bouncy castle and hayride for kids. It’s a really fun place to spend the afternoon, be silly with friends, and end up with lots of apples.

Have I mentioned how much I love New England?


Here’s what I wore:

Shirt: Old Navy, pants: CVS, necklace: Kelsea Echo, heart ring: the Toy Chest, sunglasses and rose ring: Claire’s, earrings: Faces, glitter bow: Crown and Glory, rainbow bangle: So Good

I love this necklace, and all the proceeds went to benefit the American Heart Association!

Yup, the pants are from CVS. They were a lucky find, $7 each–I also have a pair in brown leopard. Also, I got this shirt basically for free. I was ordering a bunch of sports bras from Old Navy, and noticed that if I ordered above a certain amount of money, I’d get $15 off. This shirt happened to be $15, and put my order above that amount, so…free shirt! It’s so 100% me.

Onto the apple-picking and critter-petting pics! And yes, I did pick a peck of apples.

Sketchy happenings in the pumpkin patch…

We came across some little ponies (not, however, my little ponies, as much as I might wish otherwise):

and a rather large horse!


Various noms were had by all, including caramel apples, pumpkin ice cream, hot apple cider, and cider donuts. Fresh out of the…whatever donuts are made in. Warm and crispy-outside and soft-inside and covered in cinnamon sugar.

It is of utmost importance to coordinate one’s snacks and accessories.

After eating, we headed to the orchard, where I found…

The tiniest of apples!

…and employed various creative methods of apple-acquisition.

And ridiculousness was had by all.

4 thoughts on “Apple-picking and OOTD

  1. Laura, you are so super cute with your new necklace! These pictures are so awesome. I’m pretty sure anything covered in rainbow sprinkles has to be epically awesome. =) Thank you so much for sharing!

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