Friday links, 10/19/12

Yup, I have a ball pit.

Meet Alexis Wiseman, who might just become the first autistic Miss America.
-A great write-up of Cheryl Strayed’s Dear Sugar column in the New Yorker.
When I loved Reagan: heartfelt reflections on an embarrassing video from the author’s teenage years, and on the ways that girls are raised.
Yes, there are fat women getting Hollywood roles…but we still treat them like crap.
-How going out in the world while fat can be an act of rebellion.
I showed my son a video of two men getting married and he didn’t even realize anything unusual was happening – a sweet story, and the wedding video is beautiful. What an adorable couple! I’m so glad that many kids today are being raised with gay marriage as a completely normal thing.

This is an old pic, but fun–from a food festival in Union Square a few years ago

-This is just adorable: kitten cocktail!
-An article about fairy-kei style, with great pictures and tutus.
-Another article on fairy kei with lots and lots of pictures!
Reddit, free speech, the internet, and misogyny–the unmasking of Reddit’s Michael Brutsch
-Beautiful advice from Lesley Kinzel on trusting your own body and staying away from dieting.
-On a related note, from the Fat Nutritionist: Why dieting works (for some people some of the time). Make sure to read the comments on both pieces–there’s a lot of interesting discussion going on.
-Even more food-related stuff, about the effect of different types of food on moods.
-And more: an interview with Sherie Renee Scott about her new musical, which focuses on her transition from vegetarian to omnivore.

DIY Halloween necklaces, including a collar covered with googly eyes (!!!):

-Similarly, here’s a DIY ghost table runner idea that also uses googly eyes. (Yeah, I’m a little obsessed with googly eyes at the moment.)
-Gorgeous dance-related art.
-I don’t normally follow celebrity news, but this picture of Madonna’s daughter in a tutu is adorable. Seriously, that kid has kickass style.
-An interview with Sophie of Crown and Glory

Nicolette Mason discusses cheap accessories (she’s a magpie like me!), and calls out Marc Jacobs for not following up on his promise to create a plus-size line:

In more hedgehog-related cuteness:

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