Domino Dollhouse on All On The Line with Joe Zee

I’ve never watched All On the Line (both because I don’t have the Sundance Channel and because I’m not a big TV person, My Little Pony and How I Met Your Mother aside), but I was excited to hear that Domino Dollhouse would be featured on their show. DD is awesome, and go them for getting some representation in the media!

Tom & Lorenzo has a recap of the episode, complete with pictures. My thoughts, based on the recap:

Pink! Pink! Pink! Tracy rocks the hair, and I want every piece of clothing in this picture.

THAT ROOM. Is gorgeous. Does the show always take place there?

On to the actual clothes…

The dress Tracy designed for Octavia Spencer is…meh. I agree with Octavia’s critique that it fits into the whole plus-size color-free ghetto, in which black is assumed to be “slimming.” I’m all for little black dresses, but if they’re going to stand out, they should at least have ruching or sequins or lace or ribbons–something to give them a little extra interest.

Then Joe arranged a buyer’s meeting with Lane Bryant.

Really? Lane Bryant?

I know they have a lot of brick-and-mortar stores (although they closed the one near me, so now the closest one requires a bus ride to the suburbs, booo). But they’re not at all a good fit for Domino Dollhouse’s aesthetic. LB is near-universally hated by fatties with style. As many of the Tom & Lorenzo commenters mentioned, Torrid would have been much better.

Before the buyer’s meeting, Tracy and Joe met with Ashley Falcon from People Style Watch about business plans. Tracy had trouble answering her questions, so …

Joe goes ballistic on Tracy and storms out. As much as we love him, it was really hard to watch. Seeing a thin, well-appointed, powerful fashion editor tear into a girl like Tracy is just painful. But Joe’s not a bitch for no reason and Tracy really needed his brand of tough love, he kept at her and kept at her until she tearfully shouted that she really wants this and she’ll do what it takes to get it done. Hard to watch, but the right thing to do. Tough love ain’t pretty, after all.

Bleh. This is why I don’t watch much TV. I find that kind of meanness unnecessary, and I have no desire to put it in my head. “Tough love” is bullshit. It doesn’t actually work, and it’s painful to watch.

On to the buyer’s meeting, at which Tracy showed off some fabulous designs.

Pink and black? Of course I like it.

I really like this look as well. The skirt is higher-waisted than I would wear, but that’s just a personal preference–I hate the feeling of high-waisted skirts or pants. It looks great on the model, though, and if it were for sale, I could easily buy a larger size and wear it lower on my hips.

Pink and black again! Tracy is a lady after my own heart. And I love the zig-zagging stripes.

Tom and Lorenzo don’t like the high waist, but I actually do. My opposition to high-waisted bottoms is based on comfort, so it’s irrelevant when the item in question is a dress. I’d totally wear this, and I think it would look good with my shape.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Again, I’d personally wear the skirt lower, but it looks great on the model. And the top is fabulous.

Tom and Lorenzo commented: “The skirt’s okay, but that top is really awful. Bad color, too shiny, the neckline in this case really did look too high to us, and the bows on the sleeves are a bit much.”

Which just goes to show that style is highly subjective. Like any other art form, there’s technique involved, but there’s also a lot of variation in what appeals to different people. And that shirt just screams “awesome” to me. I hope it’s one of the pieces Lane Bryant bought.

Cute! Not really my style, but I appreciate the pinkness.

I’m a big fan of skater dresses, so I like this. I’d like it even better if the stripes were bigger (I’m into circus-y big stripes–like these pants, which I want so badly). But it’s still definitely a cute dress.

Overall, I think all of the designs are interesting and edgy, with the unfortunate exception of Octavia Spencer’s black dress. I’m glad that Domino Dollhouse got some publicity, and that Lane Bryant purchased a few of their items, even though I think they’re really the wrong brand to do so.


3 thoughts on “Domino Dollhouse on All On The Line with Joe Zee

  1. Wait wait wait wait. I don’t have cable, so I didn’t see the show, BUT. Lane Bryant bought some of DD’s pieces? LANE BRYANT?? That seriously makes me want to reconsider buying from DD in the future. I completely agree that Torrid would have been a much better choice.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty disappointing. :-/ I don’t know if it’s necessarily DD’s fault, though–I didn’t watch the show myself, but I get the impression that Joe Zee picked LB on his own, without asking Tracy. So personally I wouldn’t hold it against her but yeah…it still sucks.

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