Volup2 Fundraising and Photo Submissions

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I recently received a press release about Volup2‘s new fundraising effort. I mentioned their Kickstarter in my Friday links roundup two weeks ago, but they’re so awesome that I’ll give them another mention. Please donate if you can, or at least pass along the word to your social networks.

Also, did you know you can now submit photos and artwork for consideration in future issues? I’ll definitely be coming up with something to submit.

From the press release:

While there is no shortage of articles chronicling the detrimental effects mainstream fashion magazines have on women and young girls, there were no fashion magazines which actively challenge these notions. Thus, VOLUP2 (http://volup2.com/) was born! The first issues, published in both French and English, promote diversity and inclusion by featuring models that were living with a disfiguring disease, differently abled, senior citizens, cancer survivors as well as a diverse cross section of plus sized models.

Of course I love this, there’s a tutu involved!

With nearly 7 million views so far, Velvet plans to broaden VOLUP2’s reach by publishing future issues in Spanish as well. VOLUP2 contains hundreds of ad free pages, full of fashion and art designed to reinforce the idea that all women are gorgeous. In order to continue publishing, Velvet has launched a fundraising campaign( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/volup2/volup2-magazine ) and is encouraging artists and photographers to submit their work to her (voluptwo@yahoo.com) for consideration in future issues.

All images from Volup2’s image gallery.

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