OOTD and Honk! Festival

This weekend, Steve and I went to Honk!, a festival of activist marching bands. We didn’t stay long,  because unfortunately both of us got overwhelmed by the crowds. But we enjoyed a bit of walking around and listening to the music.

Also, it was a good excuse to get all dressed up (not that I need an excuse). There are not many times when it’s easy to blend into a crowd while wearing rainbow clip-in bangs, striped knee socks, and a spike necklace, but this is one of them. Another one is probably Burning Man, which I hope to attend someday.

Top: Tripp NYC via fatshionxchange, skirt: a vendor at NEFFA, clip-in bangs: I Kick Shins, knee socks: Domino Dollhouse, sneakers: Sugar Shoes via eBay (back in college), pyramid stud wristband: PacSun, round stud wristband: Macy’s, tiny hat and rose ponytail holders: Claire’s, hairclips: a bunch of different places, spike necklace: eBay

While taking outfit pictures, we met an adorable, friendly kitty!

(S)he wanted to join in the fun. 🙂

At the festival, we ran into my friend Jesse, who was likewise colorful.

You can’t really tell from the picture, but Steve is wearing a Rainbow Dash hoodie:

I didn’t take many pictures of the festival, so here are some I took a few years ago, which I think capture the spirit pretty well.

After the 2007 festival, I found this picture that someone had taken of me. Unfortunately, I can’t find the original link.

Even back in ’07, I was admiring pink tutus wherever I saw them.

After leaving the festival, we wandered around Cambridge a bit. I admired the real-life-house-porn, and found a rose garden that made a lovely backdrop for a few more photos. A group of girls were giving out flower crowns, which is how I got this one.

Then, for our final adventure, we checked out a ginormous Michael’s that had just opened. I appreciated their decorations:

…admired the Halloween duct tape:

…and eventually acquired a squishy thing. A very, very entertaining squishy thing.

On the way home, we made a quick grocery run. If Stephen Betchen had been there, do you think he’d be more disturbed by this outfit than by the sweatpants I sometimes wear?

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