The answer to WTF-ery = pink fuzziness. Of course.

Lesley Kinzel and Doug Barry have said pretty everything that needs to be said about Psychology Today’s latest piece of ridiculousness: a now-deleted post whining about how tragic it is that there are fat women in grocery stores, and how this must be because their male partners don’t give them enough sexual attention. Because all women are straight and partnered. And because, somehow, sex causes weight loss. (Even under a fat-negative paradigm, that doesn’t make any sense.) And because women in grocery stores are there for the viewing pleasure of random dudes–not for, you know, acquiring groceries.

All I have to say is, fuck that noise.

I don’t like the idea that strangers might be judging me when I go shopping, but what can you do? It’s their problem that they’re judgmental asshats, not mine.

So here I am, in my favorite pink leopard sweatpants. Which I live in on winter weekends, fashion rules be damned. It’s cold, and I like to be comfortable. (Yes, I can occasionally be seen wearing these pants with a brown leopard print hoodie. What can I say–that’s what happens when you’re lazy and grab the two most comfortable items of clothing you can find.)

Proudly fat, sweatpants-clad, and sparkly

Take that, Stephen J. Betchen. Not only am I going to keep enjoying my life and relationship, contrary to what you think is possible for fat women, but I’m going to keep going grocery shopping in my sweatpants.  AVERT YOUR EYES.

One thought on “The answer to WTF-ery = pink fuzziness. Of course.

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